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Diplomacy global educational services limited popularly known (and mostly referred to) as D-GES LIMITED is a private limited liability company. It was established under the Company and Allied Matters Act, 1990 to carry on various activities ranging from services, general merchandise and manufacturing. Its scope of operation involves general merchandise, manufacturing and service oriented which includes but not limited to operation of educational services (crèche to tertiary institution). It was also empowered to carry out various businesses as itemized below under nature of business or scope of operation. Book production which is the primary product of the company is not an exception. The book comprises of two volumes: volume 1 - the synopsis of teacher education programme (theoretical and conceptual approaches); and volume 2 - the synopsis of teacher education programme (pedagogical and methodological approaches). The book treated in details all the disciplines that make teaching a profession with practical illustrations. It is unprecedented throughout the globe and it is meant to serve all stakeholders in teacher education industry. Their target audiences are students of education across the world, teachers of education as a discipline, educational administrators, education officers and inspectors, parents, guardians, lecturers at tertiary institutions irrespective of their disciplines, youth corps members, N-power teachers and all lovers of education.

The nature of the firm’s short term objectives is tactical and operative. That is, they are objectives which are often yearly for departmental functions (tactical objectives) and they command activities which are specific, determined and for more immediate implementation (Operating objective/activities). This involves the effective implementation of the company’s policies and procedures at a profit. The annual turnover is expected to increase by 50% annually. The same is also expected of profits.

Here, company is expected to cover three geo-political zones in the Nigeria market within the first five years. It is also expected to cover the entire Nigeria market by spreading its sales to all the 36 states including Federal Capital Territory in the country in the next three years.

The company is expected to cover a continent in the next fifteen years by spreading its sales to countries within the continents. This is expected to commence with the Africa Continent. This is so because the business is perceived as global business. It is also possible since all countries in the world provide quality and functional education to their younger generations through the training and availability of professional teachers. To facilitate this, the services of professional language translators shall be employed. It is also expected to cover the world market in the next forty years.
The above objectives couple with departmental objectives and sectional objectives is the company’s hierarchy of objectives.

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